Book Reflection: "Longer" by Michael Blumlein

Longer is the last book this science fiction writer wrote before dying. And I think that’s part of why I enjoyed it so much. He died from lung cancer and, while writing this, I assume he was contemplating death, love, and “loving life to death”—something the main character, Cav, contemplates in the book.

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Routine 4.0: Slow Carb Diet, Cleansing Prep

I’m seeing a nutritionist to figure out the cause of my bloating and general discomfort. To prepare for the cleanse I anticipate he’ll put me on next week, I’m going to start eating healthy. For real. My previous routine4 was a healthy routine but I cheated too often. To prevent me from cheating this time around I’m putting $200 on the line with StickK. Continue reading “Routine 4.0: Slow Carb Diet, Cleansing Prep”