Blade Runner 2049: A sci-fi that requires some serious attention

Title: Blade Runner 2049

Genre: Science Fiction

Description: This is a sequel to Blade Runner that follows a biorobotic android policeman who attempts to find a child of a biorobotic android and human.

This movie is sexy and ominous, and while the mystery of the story is intriguing, it moves a bit slow. If you’re not patient and don’t remain focused, you might fall asleep. (I dozed off at the beginning for five minutes. What brought me back was the cinematography and the soundtrack. Dark yet hopeful.)

I wouldn’t watch this again, but you should watch it once, on the largest screen you can find. Actually, if you can’t watch it on the big screen, I wouldn’t bother watching it at all. There are better things you can do with three hours of your time, like watch two one and a half hour movies instead of this three-hour one.

That said, the ending is quite beautiful, and the movie is a must-watch if you liked the initial Blade Runner. You won’t be disappointed.

Verdict: Watch on the big screen (if you have three hours to kill) or don’t watch at all.

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