The best indie rock album of 2016 (make that 2017, too)

Do you like Blink 182 and Modest Mouse and appreciate a band that can be both silly and passionate?

Last year I stumbled upon a band named Sioux Falls, a trio of young guys from South Dakota. I immediately loved the raw and whimsical quality of their music. It has the right amount of angst and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s perfect for escaping some of the unnecessary seriousness of life.

I discovered their album Rot Forever in the summer of last year and it kept growing on me throughout 2016 and into this year. Whenever I need to think about nothing without losing my zest for life, I put on tracks like 3fast, McConoughey, and San Francisco Earthquake. And then I often listen to the entire album, start to finish.

cover art for the album rot forever by sioux falls
Cover art for the album Rot Forever by Sioux Falls

After a year of listening to this album, it still feels fresh — every time. Since discovering it, I’ve listened to it around 70 times, start to finish. I’ve never done this with any other album except Dude Ranch by Blink 182 and Sad Sappy Sucker by Modest Mouse. Like I said, pretty raw, but fun and full of passion.

As I learn more from smart people, Sioux Falls’ style makes more sense. For instance, in December 2016 I listened to a series of podcasts on the Tim Ferriss Show with the philosopher and entrepreneur Naval Ravikant. Among many other life lessons learned from Naval, one that stuck with me was to not take life too seriously, but, at the same time, to live with passion, to treat your life like a movie, to be aware and appreciate everything.

I’m getting a little dramatic here, but Sioux Falls is good at stirring up emotions in the best way possible (I’m listening to them now).

To get you started, here’s their song Dom in music video form (might remind you of Adam’s Song by Blink 182)…

And here’s the album Rot Forever…