Book Reflection: “American Cosmic” by D.W. Pasulka

When attending university, I decided to cover a local MUFON conference for a journalism class I took in 2011. MUFON is short for Mutual UFO Network. The network offers a safe space—online and off—where people can share their stories about seeing unidentified flying objects (UFO) and obscure experiences involving extraterrestrial beings. 

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Two Funniest Podcast Episodes of 2019 (Spotify Wrapped)

As part of its “Wrapped” series, Spotify made a roundup of memorable podcast episodes from 2019. I listened to five of them and a few made me laugh. I’m not an easy laugh so am creating this post in order to easily return to these podcasts in 2020 when I’m craving some relief from the seriousness of life.

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What You Do Influences The Whole (Caroline Myss)

According to Caroline Myss, a spiritual teacher that my girlfriend introduced me to, this is a mystical truth that we are only beginning to truly understand.

We can see this in the decisions we make about our carbon footprint (e.g. the movement sparked by climate activist Greta Thunberg), our desire to eliminate waste (e.g. starting to question plastics and bottled water), and being more conscious of the food we eat (e.g. eating more plants directly instead of using resources to grow 10x the amount of plants to feed livestock for 1/10 the calories).

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Book Reflection: "Longer" by Michael Blumlein

Longer is the last book this science fiction writer wrote before dying. And I think that’s part of why I enjoyed it so much. He died from lung cancer and, while writing this, I assume he was contemplating death, love, and “loving life to death”—something the main character, Cav, contemplates in the book.

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