Is now a good time to apply to remote jobs?

An aspiring remote worker recently purchased the full version of the remote job course and asked me if now is a good time to apply to remote jobs given the current situation with COVID-19.

The simple answer is yes. Now is a fine time to apply to full time remote jobs. However, there are some companies you should apply to immediately and others you should hold off on applying to until the economy picks up again.

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New Music Monday 3/23/20 – Stuck in Strawberry System

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Do you ever feel like a strawberry being blended into a system of thoughts and beliefs that seem to become one with you, like a smoothie? It doesn’t feel right. But then, listening to the music, like the new track Special berry from Standards you remember, I am not a strawberry!

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New Music Monday 3/16/20 – It’s Fast, I’m Calm

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The happenings around COVID-19 have increased my desire to eavesdrop on social media and take part in the drama. But then I catch myself. I close my laptop, put down my smartphone, and take a deep breath. In the immediate present, everything is open. I can choose to be calm. I realize this and play “Mama Teaches Sanskrit” then “4T Recordings” by Four Tet as the background to my life.

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New Music Monday 2/17/20—Keep the Light Alive

Last week I experienced a heartache and longing, a frustration and craving, a cavity of love and meaning. The energy was difficult, as was finding music that I could connect with. Any music that was an iota less than genuine and loving was unbearable for me to listen to, which is why there are only four tracks this week.

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New Music Monday 2/10/20

Desires and truths bubbling to the surface. Lying on the floor, red lights reflecting off the white ceiling. Lying in bed, thinking of the future. Looking at the streetlight through the crack of the bedroom curtain, at what is. Listening to the music. Feeling the connection with the help of Nada Surf’s new track “Looking for You” that promises “what you’re looking for’s looking for you, too (don’t move).”

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Book Reflection: “American Cosmic” by D.W. Pasulka

When attending university, I decided to cover a local MUFON conference for a journalism class I took in 2011. MUFON is short for Mutual UFO Network. The network offers a safe space—online and off—where people can share their stories about seeing unidentified flying objects (UFO) and obscure experiences involving extraterrestrial beings. 

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Two Funniest Podcast Episodes of 2019 (Spotify Wrapped)

As part of its “Wrapped” series, Spotify made a roundup of memorable podcast episodes from 2019. I listened to five of them and a few made me laugh. I’m not an easy laugh so am creating this post in order to easily return to these podcasts in 2020 when I’m craving some relief from the seriousness of life.

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