AngelList Verifies Startups Hiring During Coronavirus Lockdown

AngelList, one of my favorite places to find remote work opportunities at startups, is now releasing information about a startup’s hiring activity during the coronavirus lockdown on its Jobs platform.

Now, when searching for job opportunities at startups on AngelList, you can see whether a startup is actively hiring during this time.

Startups that have hired anyone during the lockdown have a green COVID: Verified Hiring badge below their company name on the job search page.

Here’s an example of what the badge looks like:

A green badge is located next to any company that has hired people during the coronavirus lockdown.

I discovered this new feature while doing a job search for remote content creator jobs at startups located in the US or Canada (I’m a content marketer for tech startups). However, you’ll see this badge next to any startup actively hiring for any type of position.

This feature is great because many people who take the remote job course have been asking me if now is a good time to apply to positions at companies.

In my initial answer to this question, I said that now is a fine time to apply to jobs at companies that are Internet-based and don’t require human interaction, like B2B tech startups. For instance, I work at a tech startup that builds internet infrastructure for businesses and we are actively hiring.

Until now, though, there was not an easy way to know whether a startup was actively hiring during the lockdown. You had to guess. Thanks to AngelList, those days are gone.

And this is yet another reason why I always recommend (remote) job seekers go to AngelList first.

AngelList Job Application Tips

For anyone looking for a startup job during the lockdown, below are some other things to consider when using AngelList.

  • Complete your AngelList profile before applying to jobs.
  • Instead of sending a standard cover letter, send two short ideas about how you’d help grow the startup.
  • Prioritize applying to companies that are active on the platform. You can see the last time the company was active on AngelList by looking at the timestamp next to the Apply button.

Thanks, AngelList!

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