3-day water fast

Update: Fast completed! I made it through day 1, day 2, and day 3. The first day wasn’t bad, the second day was miserable, and the third day my head and mouth were buzzing in a not-so-bad kind of way.

I’m starting a 3-day water fast today. Initially I was going to do the “fast fast” recommended by Tim Ferriss, but I realized I couldn’t obtain a lot of the equipment and supplements needed to do the fast right. Most stuff needs to be ordered. I’m in Buenos Aires right now and Amazon doesn’t work like it does in the United States.

I figure that water fasting will be easier. You only need water. And while you should measure your level of BHB as you do with the fat fast, the goal with water fasting is less complicated. With the fat fast the goal is to reach a slight degree of ketosis (measured in mmol of BHB).

With the water fast your goal is to reach autophagy, “the body’s natural process of killing off, eating up, or cleaning up bad cell matter that’s built up in your body,” as said by Nat Eliason. This will naturally occur if you eat nothing and drink nothing other than water. No MCT oil or special exogenous ketone supplements needed. No measurements needed. Just time and water.

Goal: Fast for about 3 days and experience early signs of autophagy. The last time I ate was 12:00am Monday and I will fast until Wednesday at 8:00pm. I will break my fast with an Argentinean steak dinner from La Cabrera Sur. (The reservations are already made.)

Intake: Only water

Exercise: After-waking routine and walking/jogging