West coast east coast love

This is just a little scene written in a raw screenplay format. The format isn’t correct but it’s what I know now.


Four friends are dancing in a club located off Hollywood Blvd. Two guys and two girls. There’s a shark hanging from the ceiling. It’s a disco shark. The strobe lights from the deejay’s stage hit it and it glistens. One friend points at it and says Look! Look! They all look at it and laugh.


It’s 2:53 a.m. and things are winding down. Bouncers are telling everyone it’s time to wrap things up, to finish their drinks. One of the guy friends, TOM, has two beers in his hand. Everyone else is done drinking.


What should I do with these?

He looks around for an opportunity.

Should I give one to that girl, the one next to Elmo by the stage?

It’s a girl with tight jeans and a flower print shirt that tightly hugs her breasts. She’s slim and her midriff is showing. She looks a little older but he doesn’t mind that.


She’s attractive. Go do it.

The rest of his friends agree.

He walks over with liquid confidence. He asks her where she’s from. She says from Indiana. He’s from the east coast, and they both just moved here, so there’s that. He offers her the beer and she takes it. It’s a Corona.


You just go around giving out beers for free?

Elmo is close to her, still trying to dance with her. She slowly moves away, trying not to hurt Elmo’s feelings.


Only to the people I really like.

He pulls her in close to him and does a salsa spin, and then another. She likes how he does this instead of coming in close and rubbing himself all up on her. This is what she’s experience ever since she moved out here. Until now, she doesn’t know how much she’s been waiting for something different… something familiar.


How old are you?



He likes joking about being older than he actually is.






Oh wow.


Why? How old are you?

He regrets asking this, thinking he blew it.



Her face says “I’m too old for you.”


Why are you self-conscious about it? We’re basically the same age. And you’re beautiful.

He cheers her glass and downs the rest of his beer. She follows, almost finishing, wiping the runoff from the side of her mouth, smiling. The bouncer starts moving in, tapping them to move. They put their beer bottles on the stage.


TOM introduces her to his three friends.


This is…

He looks at her, waiting for her to fill in the blank.


Audrey. Name’s Audrey.


Nice one, Tom. And nice to meet you, Audrey. We’re going to head back though. We’re wiped.

TOM and AUDREY say bye and start walking away from the club. Elmo is following them.


Dude, what do you want?


Do you have some money or something for the fun time I gave you?

He doesn’t have his ELMO mask on anymore. It’s a skinny dude in his late twenties.


Sorry man, I don’t have anything.


Well, fuck you then.

TOM and AUDREY keep on walking. She doesn’t tell him where they’re going but he knows. And he thinks that this is the best type of night cap, when nothing needs to be said, when the attraction is obvious.


So, do you get lonely out here?


Yeah, but I’m not now.

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