Learn everything I know about getting a remote job 💻 â›±

For the past two weeks I’ve been spilling all of my knowledge about finding and landing a remote job into a free 7-day email course.

The information in the course is nothing new to me. I did zero research. Instead I based everything on my own experience…

I used the exact approach defined in the course to land three different full-time remote jobs in my career. You can replicate it to land your first remote job or another one you like better.

Why I created the course

During my travels around the world this year with We Roam, I’ve met people with wanderlust who are miserable with their job…

They are confined and restricted. They’re told how they need to work and where they need to work from. Many of them don’t know of any better way to work until they meet me.

(That last sentence was hard to write. I’m not special, I’m just fortunate to have stumbled upon this “remote job” thing.)

People who want to travel should be able to travel, and they shouldn’t have to put their career on hold to do so.

We are citizens of the world. All of the world is all of ours to experience. Traveling makes you more empathetic, creative, confident, and well-rounded.

Work and travel need not be separate unless they absolutely have to be.

This is what I believe, and this email course is my little contribution to helping turn my beliefs into other people’s realities.

How I got here

After a few years of working desk jobs as a copywriter out of college, I decided to take a stab at freelancing.

As a freelancer, I was working remotely but always dealing with the stress of finding new clients. I didn’t like this, so I started looking for full-time jobs in places I might like better, namely cities in Florida and California.

I eventually landed a marketing job at a startup with an office across the street from Universal Studios Hollywood.

I didn’t mind working in an office in Los Angeles. The weather was beautiful, I loved the people I worked with, and I enjoyed my 2-mile bike ride to and from work on Ventura Blvd…

But after a year I grew antsy. Hollywood lost its appeal, some of my good friends left the company, and the commute became mundane.

I was miserable.

It took me a while to figure out the underlying reason for this, which was hard because it was once all so good.

Eventually I decided I felt trapped and that one could feel trapped even in a cool environment. I also decided that I wanted to travel. I had traveled to a small town outside Santiago, Chile, earlier that year and felt invigorated…

I wanted to follow that feeing. But I didn’t want to go back to freelancing, so I pondered a very specific question…

How could I combine the stability of being a full-time employee with the flexibility of being a freelancer?

Reaching my wit’s end, I asked my employer if I could work remotely. There was no reason I couldn’t do what I was doing from anywhere in the world. I literally went to the office to work on a computer.

They denied my request.

I followed up with an ultimatum: let me work remotely or I walk. I felt confident in doing this because 1) I had proved my worth, and 2) the economy was strong and I was confident in my ability to find a new job if I had to.

It was a gamble but the risk was worth it. They approved my request and I spent the rest of the year traveling up and down the east coast of the United States before joining We Roam in 2017.

Getting a remote job – cold

Around November 2016 I grew sick of that job and started looking for other jobs – ones with remote work cultures. Like most things, it started with a Google search…

My search led me to a variety of remote job boards, one in particular called AngelList that I show you how to use on Day 4 of the course.

I applied to every remote marketing job I could find. And when I didn’t hear back, I refined my cover letter and resume (Day 2 and 3 of the course). I started getting some invitations to interviews.

To get more, I experimented with sending cold application emails and tweets to remote companies that weren’t even hiring (Day 5). This uncommon approach seemed to work, so I scaled it (Day 6).

With this dual approach of applying to remote positions and remote companies that weren’t even hiring, I had more interviews than I knew what to do with. I landed a full time remote job in less than 20 days.

But, eventually, I got tired of that remote job and repeated the steps I took to get it to land an even cooler one.

It worked.

Where I’m at now

I left my latest remote job… yeah, the one that was cooler.

Life as an employee just isn’t for me.

Now I’m focused on helping people do things I’m good at. One of these things is finding remote jobs. The free email course is the start of me exploring how I can help people get them.

If this course does well, I’ll either offer 1-on-1 remote job hunting services, create a video course that shows you how to land a remote job in further detail, or something else entirely.

What would you like me to do? After going through the course, feel free to let me know what would be most valuable to you.

See you inside – ✌️

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